POS Pole Mount Solutions

Configurable Hardware

Not all POS installations are alike, so the HAT Design Works team developed several lines of pole mounts to allow businesses to quickly and easily create custom-configured solutions. From height-adjustable pole mounts like the 9189 to coordinating payment terminal mounts, this line is full of great options at a competitive price point.

Durable Solutions

Retail environments are known for being heavy-use, fast-paced environments so POS applications need mounting solutions designed and built for durability. Our pole mounts are among the highest-quality POS mounting options on the market, thanks to expert engineering and a thoughtful production process. Pole mounts like the 9183 have screens that sit closely to the pole to protect tablet screens and other adapters.

Sleek Design

HAT Design Work’s clean, attractive POS designs can elevate checkout experiences while creating upsell opportunities. We work with clients to develop solutions that meld well with your existing checkout lanes to create bespoke solutions that drive ROI. In addition, our hardware uses intuitive design features to make checkouts fast and easy. For example, the 9230 was created to serve as a stand-alone kiosk when paired with a tablet enclosure and payment terminal.

Clear Counter Space

More counter space means more selling space. With that in mind, a single pole mount like the 9190 can support multiple displays, tablet enclosures, a terminal payment device, a printer, and more. We created POS pole mounts and payment terminal mounts to keep your counters clear, enhancing checkout processes and enabling better customer engagements.

Easy to Configure, Easy to Use

Pole Mount Base Models

Build a solid foundation for your POS hardware mounting solution when you start with our pole mounts. This easy-install system is perfect for businesses who want ruggedized hardware that’ll stand up to busy retail environments.

Robust POS Hardware Mounting Solutions

We created our pole mounting systems to serve as a customizable base for customers who want solutions in even the most challenging settings. Discover all of our customization options today.

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