Monitor Arms
& Display Mounts

Elevated Aesthetic

At HAT Design Works, we create monitor arms and display mounts that are dependable and sleek. Our product lines are configurable, allowing you to create the perfect solution for your needs. When your business needs custom products, our engineers work directly with your specifications.


Our monitor arms and display mounts are designed with ruggedized features that withstand heavy-use environments.


Our mounts have robust construction that protects your investment – the monitor arms and mounts stay secure while remaining accessible to customers.


Tilt and swivel options allow easy maneuverability to fit all users’ needs.


All HAT Design Works monitor arms are backed by a 10-year warranty. We stand by our products well after they’re designed and installed.

7000-FM-104 - Monitor Arm Height Adjustment, Black Finish

Choose from
Dynamic & Static Monitor Mounts

Monitor arm configured to wall-mounted kitchen display system

Dynamic Monitor Arms for Countertop or Wall

Our flexible monitor arms offer instant height adjustment and effortless positioning of the display. Most arms include a mount that can be configured for countertop or wall mounting. Ideal for kitchen display systems or anywhere flexible monitor positioning is needed.

Monitor wall mounts with advertising messaging

Static Monitor
Wall Mounts

The static wall mounts offers the ability to place the monitor just how you need it. Rotate, pivot, and articulate the display to the ideal viewing angle. Perfect for advertising displays or digital menus.

Monitor Arms

Explore HAT Design Works monitor arms to find your perfect fit today. From countertop, wall or under-table mounted monitor arms, we have a wide variety of flexible solutions for your needs.

Hardware You Can Count On

HAT Design Works only fabricates the best options for our customers. We’ve created lines of monitor arms and display wall mounts to fit any and every retail environment. We stand by our products and services so steadfastly that we offer a decade-long warranty with our solutions. If you’re ready to get started on your next project, whether configured from our catalog or created from scratch, reach out to us today.

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