Modular Now®

Adaptable Display Mounts for Retail, Convenience, and Hospitality


POS display mounts must be flexible and durable, which is why we developed Modular Now. This line allows customers to quickly and easily create custom-configured solutions.

24/7 Durability

Busy retail environments are notoriously hard on mounting hardware, which is why all the HAT Design Works products are built to withstand high-traffic situations and use cases.

Compact Design

Our clean, streamlined design for this series gives our customers all the features they need in a small footprint. Save counter space when you customize your Modular Now install to elevate accessories off the countertop including monitors, terminal mounts, keyboards, and receipt printers.


The customization available with the Modular Now line makes bespoke hardware solutions available without the custom and OEM price tag. Create a solution that fits your needs from our Modular Now line.

Configuring Modular Now® is Easy

Modular Now® Accessories

The amount of accessories for our Modular Now line is what makes this offering really shine. Mount printers, keyboards, payment terminals, and more to your pole mount for a completely customizable solution.

Modular Now for Every Type of Retailer

Our line is a perfect solution for all retail settings, from cozy boutiques to large-scale discount club retail chains. The streamlined checkout experience that Modular Now offers for your customers will help minimize time in the checkout process and maximize ROI. We’re ready to start working on your project, whether you have one checkout line or 100 lines. Let us show you how Modular Now can change your business today.

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